Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A rare list of Sephardic heads of households from Zamość, Poland 1588-1650

I've blogged about this remarkable community before here 

This document brings this chapter in Jewish history to life.

Appended to some of the names on this list are some interesting biographical details. For instance, Solomon Marcus and Avraham Mizrahi arrived from Venice, Italy. Yehuda Zakuta is referred to as Jewish native of the sephardic nation. Efraim Kastiel was likewise born in Sepharad. Hanna Campus Italica, it is pointed out, married a local Ashkenazi man named Yaakov Bar. Samuel Jakubowitz appears to have arrived to Zamocz from Constantinople. Meshulam Cohen is called turcicus (the turk). 

From לתולדות הספרדים בפולין מאת נ.מ. גלבר
נדפס ב"אוצר יהודי ספרד" , ספר ו' ירושלים 1963

"History of the Sefaradim in Poland" by N.M. Gelber
Printed in "Otzar Yehudai Sefarad", volume 6, Yerushalayim, 1963


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